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Dear Friends,

Grass Valley Taiko came into conception in 1999 when I first considered moving to Nevada County from San Francisco. My biggest block was the lack of Taiko here. Someone said, “then you be the one to bring it here!” It seemed preposterous at first mention.

donateAs with any project or great milestone, I just started with one thing, then another. Now we are over 50 members strong with classes for kids and adults. We have a variety of drums and instruments (many owned by individual members, some by the dojo – or organization). We have a developing repertoire of songs and pieces to perform.

We have returned to my original teacher and master, Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka and received the full recognition and the distinguished honor to play Hiryu Sandan Geishi/Isami Goma (Leaping dragon/ Galloping horse). This is an honor of which, he informed us, is extended to only three groups in the world right now! We are humbled by our great fortune.

As you can imagine the expense of establishing a new art form and discipline in an area is quite notable. The generosity and creativity of the members of the group have already generated some of the funds that are needed. We greatly appreciate any contribution that friends, family, and community members or those who know what it takes to breathe life and a heartbeat into a dream care to make. It all helps bring a cultural art form to a community that is very homogeneous in its makeup, but not in its heart. If there is a community that embraces the work that we are doing, it is Nevada County.

Contributing is easy! Just click the button below and Paypal will open in a new tab:

I personally thank you for your consideration and look forward to “seeing you on stage”.

-Mitzi Garnett
Founder and Artistic Director

Beyond monetary funds to meet a budget, there are ongoing items that we are in need for construction of instruments, if you have access to an inexpensive source or wish to contribute:


Short-term consumables:
Angle grinders
Belt sanders
Orbital sanders
Sanding pads
Biscuit joiner
Biscuits to match (100’s!)
Carpenter wood glue (by the gallons!)
Nice lumber for stand construction
Good clean barrels
Taiko quality cow hide
Taiko grade tacks

Trailer for hauling
Dedicated dojo (facilities)
Ongoing sponsors