Grass Valley Taiko to Perform at the 2019 Nevada County Fair

Grass Valley Taiko is once again performing at the Nevada County Fair. We’re even featured in the fair’s summary video of 2018! Check it out below:

The Nevada County Fair is always our favorite performance of the year. We love performing for all of our friends and family – the energy is the best at the fair. We hope that you’ll come out on the first day of the fair, grab something to eat on treat street and then enjoy some great Taiko drumming while you enjoy your meal! We’ll be playing all of our favorite songs, and our beginning Taiko group is growing as we’ve got a bunch of talented newbies. Come out and support them on stage along with our performing group.

Know and Go:

What: Grass Valley Taiko at the Nevada County Fair!

When: Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Time: Noon and 1:30 PM

Where: Pine Tree Stage (right by Treat Street)

Don’t forget: if you’d like to experience Taiko first hand, then come check out our beginners class on Thursday nights, starting at 5:30 PM.